giovedì 30 aprile 2009

THE SILENCE OF THE NIGHT - a cat lover's poem

This is a poem that I wrote some years ago when I woke up suddenly during the night and glanced over to the chair where my cat usually sleeps.

All of a sudden he picked up his ears and was immediately fully awake. I wondered what could have woken him up as there wasn't a sound to be heard. I concluded that it must have been the silence itself that woke him.

I had to get up to let him out and, now wide awake myself, I felt inspired to write a little poem about what I felt was going through his mind.


The still and steely silence
Drove my sleep away.

No bumps, no bangs,
No clunks, no clangs
To tense my gut as in day.

Fresh fields to roam
Not far from home.

A succulent mouse
Or perhaps in someone's house
Some mince left out on a tray.

Be ever vigilant.
The coast must be clear.
What I do is not for a seer.

My owner would shake
And shout and create.

I'm her lovely soft boy.
When I'm near she knows joy.

"But for Heaven's sake!
What time can it be?

No Pussie, not yet.
Go back to your bed.

It's only four;
Too early to open the door.
Okay, I can see
There's no peace for me."

So she let me go to roam,
But she wants me back home
By dawn.
When she has her first cup of tea.

by Dorothy M Rowatt (2004)

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