venerdì 8 maggio 2009

Forming Circles of Light - by Dorothy M Rowatt

Many of us who have an interest in spiritual matters and complementary therapies will have no doubt about just how important prayer is in our lives. However, a few years ago I was interested to discover the outcome of a scientific documentary on the power of prayer.

A scientist was doing some research into the ways people with health problems were affected after having someone pray for them. Two groups were formed - one received prayers and the other one didn't.

Those who were doing the praying belonged to a number of different religions. Periodically, they would receive a telephone call inviting them to say a prayer for a member of the first group.

The Buddhists chanted; the Evangelists called out to Jesus; the Catholics used their Rosaries - their differences were not important. What was important was that they believed they were connecting with someone/something higher than themselves. They were all praying to 'Source' and they were asking for help, healing, peace, love and comfort for the person in need.

When we come together in prayer, a circle of Light surrounding the one we are praying for is formed. Those who have a sixth sense can often see or feel it.

Does prayer work? Does it bring about healings? Who knows - the results of the scientific study proved to be inconclusive. However, the researcher noticed that those in the group receiving prayer seemed to gain a better quality of life than those who didn't receive prayer. Somehow, they became more serene, more spiritual and better able to cope with their problems.

It is now a very important and difficult moment in the history of mankind, so the more people who come together in prayer and form circles of light, the better. All you need to do is to come together with an open heart and a firm desire to bring comfort, love and healing to those who are suffering. Once you have said the prayers of your choice, you can simply place the whole situation into the hands of the Divine. The outcome will then be for the Highest Good of all concerned.